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The main product of the company are FLUREVITS
— water-based products of protein-peptide compounds.

The name Flurevit is the combination of the Latin words
— «fluidum regulatory vitae», which means FLUID REGULATING LIFE. Other words, Flurevits are the construction team of highly skilled professionals who can immediately help you to get your body health again. Flurevits have an ability to rejuvenate your body at the cellular level, restoring damaged tissues.

Flurevits are divided into 5 categories:
BIO — extract from animal tissues
PHYTO — extract from plants
MYCO — extract from mushrooms
MIXES — phytocompositions
MME — extract from organic compounds

There are 74 flurevits in our store aimed at improving the health of the whole body. The product range also includes: a line for weight correction, beauty products, healthy nutrition, vitamin complexes, immunomodulators, cosmeceuticals and anesthetic of various directions.

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