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About us
Our main advantage - we have no competitors!
We are the only one who produce goods for beauty and health based on Flurevits.
Uniqueness of our product allowed us to open offices in more than 50 partner cities in a few years: from Norilsk to Orlando. Also our consumer network today is more than 370000 satisfied customers!
Our production facilities are GMP certified like as our staff certified and trained to ISO standards. The fully automated production line, which is controlled by the production's hall operators, includes:
- sorting barrel
- 5-step bottle washer
- 3-step sterilizer (ultraviolet, infrared emission and convection)
- filling zone (consisting of a clean room with its own microclimate).

Also, the production has its own online water treatment system, which allows to purify and prepare structured water up to 0.22 microns. We are guarantee quality of our Flurevits at all stages of production. We are open and transparent to you and not afraid to show you all the stages of production — that's why we arrange excursions on the production area and tell you about all the technologies of the production cycle.
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Logistics is one of the primary tasks that was set for us. With so many clients all over the world, we must follow the “JIT” (just in time) rule. That means we care about our customers. It is really important that the order will be delivered on time and in the right place. Since the beginning our professional staff well know and can predict what our clients want.

We immediately solve any problems and questions that arise, because we appreciate the time of our clients.

That is why it is important for us to make the delivery, following the schedule of terms. We work with large and reliable transport companies, such as SDEK, EMS, etc. And for regular customers, we have developed a number of privileges, including free delivery around the world and beyond.

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